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Heavenly conversation

The heavenly conversation…

If we could just once begin to hear the conversation going on between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the conversation that has gone on since before time, there would be a long silence on our part.

Most of the banter that goes on between people stuck in their egoic minds would cease. Most of the noise and activity that goes on in what we call church would cease, sometimes even our praise and worship.  And we would be like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus listening and learning, drinking in the love that pours forth from his mouth and from the look in his eyes. We would be undone and made whole at the same time.

We have been made to sit with them in heavenly places. 

We often have things backwards.  We don’t invite Jesus into our lives, He invites us into His life in the Trinity.  We don’t invite him into our hearts, He’s always been there, He invites us into His heart.  We don’t invite him into our “reality” which is often unreality, He invites us into the only reality that exists, God’s view of all things.  We don’t ask Him to come into our broken lives so that He can repair them.  If our old lives could have been repaired, then why were they crucified with Christ?  Jesus didn’t stoop down into our unreality, into the lies that we believe about ourselves, about others and about God just to leave us there. He came down to lift us up into the fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

We have been invited into their conversation.
But we must begin by keeping silent and listening.